Body Contouring

Dissolve your body’s fat and tighten your skin with body contouring. Let our body contouring specialists guide you through the total body wellness process.

Body Contouring

After major weight loss, you can improve your shape and tone your underlying tissues that support fat and skin. The service rescues excess fat through ultrasound cavitation and tightens skin with radio frequency.

We also offer cellulite reduction with Synergie® Aesthetic Massage System (AMS).

Cellulite Reduction

The cause of Cellulite is that fat cells are over loaded with fats and toxins that the body can not use or metabolize as energy. These fat cells get pushed against the skin. In the areas that the skin is weakened these fat cells appear as cellulite. We can reduce its appearance with Synergie® Aesthetic Massage which uses a vacuum suction and manual manipulation of the skin to break the ligatures that hold the fat cells. This causes them to break down and the body will eliminate them through the lymphatic system. This process along with home care will keep your skin looking healthier.