About Us


Our Electrologists and Aestheticians understand the need to permanently remove unwanted or undesirable hair. We can address your body concerns such as but not limited to: reducing stubborn fat or minimizing the appearance of cellulite, skin concerns : whether they be, maintaining healthy skin, treating pigment issues, mature skin concerns, Rosacea, Acne… Our Advanced Aestheticians can guide you to the proper treatment plan.

With more than six years experience and our continuous education on all the newest and advanced techniques to help you, we take pride in offering our services at rates that reflect our dedication to the Electrology and Aesthetics field.

  • Special consideration and pricing is given to those individuals diagnosed with conditions that cause or contribute to excess hair in unwanted or undesirable areas… Ex: Hirsutism, PCOS, Gender Dysphoria, Insulin Resistance, to name a few. Schedule this consultation with Maureen.
  • Service Areas – Rockingham and Hillsborough Counties
  • Gift Certificates available – Consultations are always FREE
  • Licensed Electrologists and Aestheticians
  • Treatments are by APPOINTMENT ONLY